Creating Future: My place in the New World
April 17, 2023
Day7: Thursday, 04 May

Creating Future: My place in the new World


Being clearly and powerfully positioned and feeling centered is especially important when many things are changing on the outside.

Am I already ready to engage with the new spirit of the times, or do I still have to let go of the old? How can I approach new things with ease? How do I stay healthy? What do I want to realize professionally? Where is my place in this life?What brings me joy? Understanding: How does the new time tick?


  • What do I want from the future?
  • Discovering new things
  • Solving traumatic & fearful things
  • Understanding “What makes the new times tick”
  • Private – professional: Clarify what is pending
  • Desire for change
  • Feeling global connectedness
  • Being healthy
  • Clarify traumas & fears
  • What does my environment reflect to me?
  • Stable & powerfully positioned
  • Heart, belly & mind in harmony
  • Be aware of your own assets

We will work with issues of the participants.

Kristine Alex (Germany)

Kristine Alex (Germany)

Kristine Alex is a pioneer in constellation work. She works and lives in Bavaria at the lake Chiemsee and is author of different books:

  • The Memory of Places. Clearing Energy fields from apartments, buildings, and Spaces using Systemic Constellations.
  • The Orders of success – Introduction to Organizational Systemic constellations.


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