Dreams in the eyes of the creative family constellation
April 15, 2023
Day7: Thursday, 04 May

The Dreamer

“Dreams are very adaptable. They adapt to the flow of energy in a person’s life” (Bert Hellinger)


Dreams exist in the space and context of the unconscious mind, and we recognize and find meaning to it with the aid of the conscious mind.

Dreams in your sleep are elusive moments yet just out of conscious reach. They are so real that you can sense them waiting there. When you reach out to touch them, only to find they quickly vanish as soon as we wake up. These moments are beyond the worlds of form and illusion. Though there are many differing opinions about dreams, throughout history they have been considered a source of signs and messages from beyond.

For example, In Australian aboriginal culture, the phrase ‘dream time’ is given to a much broader concept than dreaming while sleeping. The time of the dream represents for them a transition to a dimension of collective consciousness that contains ancient knowledge from the family lineage that continues developing among the new generations. Older aborigines translate this important information into stories around the campfire, which they tell the younger generation. The stories contain a lot of information related to the earth they live on, knowledge that supports the survival of future generations while on the other hand gives meaning and fertile ground for growth and development.

The family and systemic constellation is an approach devised by the psychotherapist Bert Hellinger about 30 years ago, which allows the advisee to observe his family, marital, social, economic, and cultural systemic through a spatial transference, from the subconscious to the conscious, and identify blockages and factors that hinder the flow and natural order of his life.

In the family constellation, one can witness an interesting phenomenon in which information emerges from the representations, which is sometimes experienced as a daydream, as knowledge that emerges from somewhere in the depths of the collective consciousness. Here too, the more we become familiar with our historical and systematic knowledge, something in us gets stronger, the roots go deeper into the ground and allow us to rise up and bear fruit.

In this workshop we will explore the awareness dreaming experience through an innovative practice that combines intuitive arts and systemic constellation.

(There is no need of knowing how to draw, the workshop adapts to everyone)

The workshop is a part of the “Creative family Constellation” – Family and Systemic Constellation Combined Expressive Arts.

Who is it for?

It is suitable for facilitators, therapists, trainers, coaches, healthcare practitioner, healers, for those who committed to their self-development, those who are engaged with arts and creativity (with or without experience), those who are interested in Constellation work (with or without experience), those who are enthralled by exploring their subconscious and collective subconscious in new and creative ways.

Nufar Livny Laskov (Israel)


Nufar Livny Laskov is an Expressive Arts Groups Facilitator, Bar Ilan University.

History of the Arts, Psychology, Creative Arts, BA towards the further studies of MA in Art Therapy., University of Haifa.

Founder and developer of “The Creative Way” and “Creative family Constellation – Family and Systemic Constellation Combined Arts”.

Teacher and Facilitator in “The Constellation’s Path – Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations”, founded by Yishai Gaster. (2006)

Master NLP, Trauma NLP, Master Timeline Therapy, NLP-Plus, NLPU international, Master Hypnotherapists Paul and Joseph Clough.

Healer and ESP, therapist and student of a variety of shamanic and Healing techniques, for 28 years.

Contemporary Artist and Designer, Hermann Struck Prize Winner for Plastic Arts.

Website: https://www.nufarlivnylaskov.com/en 
Email: [email protected]
WhatsUp: +972-547667671 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creative_family_constellation 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=profile&section=username 

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