Healing ceremony for peace between the sexes
April 17, 2023
Day6: Wednesday, 03 May

Healing ceremony for peace between the sexes


Everything in nature is created by the union of male and female. This fertilization is an act of love, especially when it comes to human beings. These polar elements can create life by all maintaining a dynamic of love between them but they can also create destruction and death if the harmony in the dynamic between them is broken.

In this case, active and passive or giver and receiver become controlling and controlled, or attacker and victim. Human history is full of conflicts and wars, but the basis of all wars is actually the world’s oldest struggle between the sexes. In a forgiveness ceremony between the sexes we can return to the source, connect to the healthy male and female elements that exist in the memories of our lineage and choose a new and healthier order for our relationships, the environment, politics and especially for the future of our children.

Noga Maivar (Israel)

Noga Maivar (Israel)

Somatic therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience with individuals and couples. specializing in issues of relationships, sexuality and intimacy.

A certified therapist and senior focusing teacher (Focusing Coordinator), certified to certify therapists and focusing teachers on behalf of The International Focusing Institute, New York. Establishes the “Focusing Israel” community on Facebook.

Therapist and teacher for family constellations with over 10 years of experience. Part of the founding team and member of the school board at “The Constellation Path” – the Israeli School for Systemic Constellation founded by Yishai Gaster.

International facilitator for retreats, workshops, courses and ceremonies for therapy, development, conscious & intimacy. Was chosen to be one of the 1000 outstanding facilitators in their field at the largest international conference, attended by over half a million people, The Embodiment Conference 2020.

Founder of “Focusing Inside” – one of the first training schools for focusing in Israel. Author of two booklets for studying focusing.

Founder of “Ishtar” – a therapy center for relationships and intimacy. Head of the training program for Somatic sex therapists.

  • M.A. organizational sociology, Tel Aviv University.
  • B.A. Sociology and Education, Tel Aviv University.
  • Certified group facilitatorת Bar-Ilan University.
  • Facilitator and lecturer.
  • An organizational consultant.

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